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Ruah Inside Out

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PO Box 218, Leederville WA 6903, Australia
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Ruah Inside-Out Program offers services to support women who are pre-release or post-release from prison. Participation is voluntary and free of charge. Contact is usually made whilst the woman is serving her sentence, six months prior to release. All programs are run on a case management model, where a case worker is allocated and the client is required to work with their case worker towards their stated goals.  

Ruah also offers a Remand and Referrals service, providing support and advice to women when they are first incarcerated. Contact is made with all women upon intake into prison, where the services are fully explained.  

The following services are offered:  

- Transitional Accommodation and Support Service (TASS). This service provides intensive support to women allocated a TASS property by Department of Housing (DoH). Intensive case management support is provided to women for a six month period following release from prison to assist their transition to the community and reunification with family.  

- Re-Entry Link Program. Ruah’s Re-Entry (REE) Link Program is a pre and post release service available to women in Bandyup and Boronia prison. This is a broad program offering a range of supports and assistance for women at various stages of release.  

- Housing Support Program. Ruah’s Housing Support Program supports women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to secure and maintain long term, stable accommodation. Our program works closely with DoH and Foundation Housing to help secure accommodation for women who are at risk of homelessness, and exiting Corrective Services facilities.  

- Employment Services. The Employment Service provides employment and training services to women exiting prison. The Employment specialist works together with women pre and post release to support them to gain employment or training and prepare them to be ‘work ready’.  

- Grief, Loss and Trauma Counselling. RIO employs a grief, loss and trauma counsellor to assist women to look at issues of grief, loss and trauma they are dealing with.  

RIO runs the following programs, four times a year, for six weeks:  

- Relationships Group – at both Bandyup and Boronia. This group encourages women to think about the important relationships in their lives  

- Aboriginal Yarning Group – At Bandyup. This yarning is to give Aboriginal women a space to yarn up on important matters.  

- Lifeskills Group – at Bandyup. This group is about developing skills for the future in order to make positive changes in life.  



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