Liturgy and RCIA

Through workshops and other forms of training, the Liturgy Centre provides formation and information for parish priests and parishes on all things liturgical in order to enrich the spiritual life of parish communities. It also provides support and training for parishes conducting the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults program through which adults who are not Catholic are taught the faith and are prepared to enter fully into the life of the Catholic Church.


Centre for Liturgy Archdiocese of Perth

Our mission:

  • The Centre for Liturgy provides formation and support to parish communities in all aspects of liturgical life.
  • It works in conjunction with Parish Priests, Parish liturgical coordinators and Parish liturgy committees in bringing about full and faithful implementation of Liturgical documents.
  • It initiates a network of information and encouragement to promote and develop sound theological and pastoral principles and practices of liturgy.

Director of Liturgy: Sr Kerry Willison rsm              liturgy logo

28 Marda Way, Nollamara WA 6061                                       
Telephone: +61 (08) 9207 3350               
Fax: +61 (08) 9349 0362               

Administration Officer: Geraldine Schivardi  
Field Officer: Helen Medina
Music Consultant: Chris deSilva     



Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) has been established as the means by which a person can explore the faith of the Catholic Church. It takes place in a parish community in company with others on a similar journey.

catechumente logoRCIA Coordinator: Karen Hart

28 Marda Way, Nollamara WA 6061
Telephone: +61 (08) 9207 3350
Fax: +61 (08) 9349 0362