Aboriginal Ministry

The Church’s Aboriginal Ministry promotes spiritual, cultural and social development among people of Aboriginal descent. It seeks to give Aboriginal people their full place and share in the life of Jesus Christ as expressed through His Church. Associated organisations seek to meet the particular social, education and family needs of those Aboriginal people who are marginalised by society. The services include advocacy for Aboriginal people struggling to access their rightful share of the social services of the community.


Aboriginal Catholic Ministry & Council

The ACMC is concerned with the spiritual, cultural and social development of people of Aboriginal descent.  The ACMC guides and assists the Ministry and the Archdiocese in the Aboriginal apostolate.

Director: Fr Emil Ciecierega SDS

5 Baker Avenue, Perth WA 6000
PO Box 8111, Stirling Street, Perth WA 6849
Telephone: +61  08 9328 7529 (answering service available)
Fax: +61 08 9227 0732


Anawim: Aboriginal Women’s Refuge

The Centre provides supported accommodation for lone Aboriginal women affected by poverty, dislocation, alcoholism, or abuse. It also provides accommodation for country visitors and those who are homeless.

Administration: RUAH Centre, 33 Shenton Street, Northbridge WA  6003
Phone: +61 08 9328 7682
Fax: +61 08 9328 9130
Email: centre@ruah.com.au
Website: www.ruah.com.au

Clontarf Aboriginal College

Provides integrated education for Aboriginal youth aged 13-18 years.

Principal: Mr Tony Chinnock

295 Manning Road, Waterford WA 6152
Locked Bag 5, Bentley Delivery Service Centre WA 6983
Telephone: +61 08 9458 9444
Fax: +61 08 9451 4988
Email: admin@clontarf.wa.edu.au
Website: www.myschoolweb.com.au/clontarf


Daydawn Advocacy Centre

An Agency to assist Aboriginal people and advocate on their behalf on housing and other matters.

Director: Dr Mary McComish

Unit 9, 5 Aberdeen Street, Piccadilly Square Central, Perth WA 6000

PO Box 8750, Perth Business Centre, WA 6849
Telephone: +61 08 9218 8035 or 0477 389 519
Fax: +61 08 9218 8027
Email: daydawn@perthcatholic.org.au


This organisation provides out of home care services for up to 30 Aboriginal children in 5 family based cottages in Northam and Perth. Support services to families.

Administration:  Centrecare Inc.

456 Hay Street, Perth WA  6000                                                               
Telephone: +61 08 9325 6644
Fax: +61 08 9221 3631
Email: enquiries@centrecare.com.au 
Website: www.centrecare.com.au