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Re-opening of St Mary's Cathedral

03 Nov 2009

Liturgy of Re-Interment and Blessing of Vestments, Sacred Vessels and Crypt

Blessing of vestments, sacred vessels; blessing of crypt and re-interment of the deceased Bishops.
As part of the completion of St Mary’s Cathedral new vestments, chalices and communion plates were commissioned.  At this ritual we will bless and dedicate these sacred objects for the celebration of the Eucharist.
At this celebration we will also bless the new Cathedral Crypt and place ossuaries which contain the remains of Perth Bishops, into uniquely crafted vaults.

Official Opening and Re-dedication of St Mary’s Cathedral

This Eucharistic celebration is the central event of the re-opening and re-dedication of St Mary’s Cathedral.  When a church is erected as a building destined solely and permanently for assembling the people of God and for carrying out sacred functions.  It is fitting that it be dedicated to God with a solemn ceremony, in accordance with the ancient custom of the Church.
In this celebration, in accordance with the tradition of the Church in both East and West, a special prayer of dedication is said which is a sign of our intention to give our Cathedral over entirely and perpetually to God, for worship and for ministry.  The rite of anointing, incensing, covering and lighting of the altar express in visible signs the invisible work that the Lord accomplishes through the Church in its celebration of the divine mysteries especially in the Eucharist.

Liturgy of Blessing of the Organ and Choir Rooms
The new Choir Rooms are purpose built for the Cathedral Boys' Choir and are a welcome addition to the completed Cathedral. At this celebration the new choir rooms will be blessed as well as the Restored Organ. For this event Jacinta Jakovcevic, the Director of Music for the Cathedral, has prepared a short history on the Cathedral Organ and a wonderful program of music to showcase both the organ and the Cathedral Boys' Choir.
Cathedral Community Mass and the Blessing of the New Stations of the Cross

When you view the new Cathedral Stations of the Cross you can see the movement, pain and suffering in each cameo.  The Artist, Gerry Darwin, has used live models to enhance the movement and expressions which draw you into the experience of the Passion of Jesus.  The Blessing of these Stations will be part of this Cathedral Parish Sunday Eucharist.  St Mary’s Parish Community has worshipped at Victoria Park while the Cathedral was under construction.  Monsignor Thomas McDonald will celebrate the first Sunday Eucharist with his parish community on this day.

Liturgy of Blessing of the Statue of St Joseph and Icon of Mary MacKillop

Many construction workers and builders have worked on the completion of St Mary’s Cathedral.  St Joseph himself was a builder and the young Jesus would have worked with him learning the skills of Joseph’s trade.  Every effort has been made to invite all those who worked on the Completion of St Mary’s Cathedral to this event where the New St Joseph will be blessed along with the Icon of Mary MacKillop who had great devotion to St Joseph.  This event is also an opportunity for Archbishop Hickey to thank those who worked with great love on the completion of our Cathedral.

Liturgy of Blessing of Blessing of Aboriginal Art and Ceremonial Fire

“In the beginning God created heaven and earth.  Now the earth was a formless void, there was darkness over the deep, with a divine wind sweeping over the waters.” Genesis 1:1
The Old and the New Testament come together in this ritual.  The story of creation by Laurel Nannup, and etched into granite, creates a threshold into the Cathedral from which the light of Christ, symbolised in the Easter Candle, will pass each year.

Liturgy of Blessing of the Entrance, Baptismal Font, Sacred Oil Containers
and World Youth Day Tree

This ritual will involve a number of Blessings of significant art works that will enhance the celebration of our sacraments.  The new front door crafted by Antonio Battastessa is a statement of welcome and the shepherd welcomes and cares for the sheep in the sheep fold.  From there we move to the Baptistry which is where the sacrament  of entry into the church takes place.  The richness of symbol and artistry brought together by Peter Bowles brings new life and meaning to how the sacrament will be celebrated in our new Cathedral.   The acknowledgement of the World Youth Day tree at this ritual is a reminder to us of the importance of the young people in our community and just as this tree has been nurtured over the past months since World Youth Day so we must nurture the faith of our young people.

Celebration Mass for Parishes and Cathedral Community

At this Eucharist there will be a celebration of the life of the Diocese. It is the Archbishop Hickey’s wish that a family from each parish in the diocese be given tickets to join him at this celebration which will involve his brother priests from Perth and Geraldton and representatives from the religious orders and agencies.  The Cathedral Parish Community will host this celebration.

Archbishop’s Anniversary Mass, 50 years as a Priest and 25 years as a Bishop

This celebration is to give thanks to God for the generous love that has been bestowed on Archbishop Hickey over the years of his priesthood.
This celebration will involve bishops of Western Australia, priests and deacons from the Geraldton and Perth Dioceses, representatives from religious orders, agencies of the Archdiocese and one family representative from each parish in the Archdiocese.

Blessing of the Schools’ Memorial Garden

The students, their families and teachers of the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of  Perth have been supportive and generous towards the completion of the St Mary’s Cathedral.  This memorial garden, designed by Peter Quinn the Architect of the completion project, is a magnificent and elegant statement to the good will of the Catholic Schools of Perth.

MARCH 2010
Thanksgiving service for Donors

A project such of the completion of St Mary’s Cathedral would not have been possible if not for the extraordinary generosity of so many people.  This celebration will be an opportunity for the Archbishop to thank these significant donors.