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Benedictine Monks - Subiaco Congregation of the Order of St Benedict (OSB)

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Holy Trinity Abbey,New Norcia WA 6509, Australia
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Holy Trinity Abbey, New Norcia WA 6509, Australia
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(08) 9654 8018
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(08) 9654 8097
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Rome, Italy

Holy Trinity Abbey, New Norcia, was founded in 1846 by two Spanish Benedictines, Dom Joseph Serra and Dom Rosendo Salvado. In 1867 it was made an Abbey Nullius, and remained so until 1982. The early missionary monks concentrated on evangelising the Aborigines in the Victoria Plains as well as providing pastoral care to white settlers.  

In 1908 Abbot Fulgentius Torres founded the mission of Kalumburu in the far north of Western Australia. In 1981 the mission was handed over to the Diocese of Broome.  

A succession of schools at New Norcia provided education for Aboriginal and white children, from the earliest years of the mission until New Norcia Catholic College was closed at the end of 1991, for lack of enrolments and funds. A number of religious orders were involved in the schools, notably the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the Marist Brothers, the Missionary Benedictine Sisters, and most recently the Good Samaritan Sisters.