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Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL) Perth, Western Australia

- Address
258 Wright St, Cloverdale WA 6105, Australia
- Mailing
Tony and Dolly Haber
258 Wright Street, CLOVERDALE WA 6105, Australia
- Phone
0410 424 406
- Website
- Mobile
Organisation Details

A community of couples and their families who gather together for a prayer meeting, singing worship songs, praying, sharing the Gospel, and sharing their faith with others through their evangelisation activities. The faith of members is nurtured through the weekly prayer meetings, attending Mass, family Rosaries, individual Eucharistic Adoration, monthly teachings, retreats and trainings. The Vatican approved and recognised Couples for Christ (CFC) as an international private association of the faithful on 25 April 2005 through the presentation of Mr Frank Padilla, Couples for Christ Director and founder. 


Australia Country Leaders: Tony and Dolly Haber  


WA Area Leaders:  

Joven and Sandra Bacusmo  

0401 234 346; 0434 387 043  


Household Leaders:  

Orlando and Tessie Baluyot  

Erick & Gina Lovino  

Arnel & Maritess Malazarte  

Paulo and Vinz Infante  

Paolo and Kay Llamado  

Joel and Adhel Supan  


CFC-FFL Area Music Leaders:  

Jeck and Cecille Lopez  

0412 789 571; 0425 160 190  



Couple Area Leaders:  

Guilben and Josephine Cabagyo  

0416 734 806; 0468 751 289  


Singles for Family and Life (SFL)  

Couple Coordinator: Reby and Shed Alfonso, 0426 298 111  


Youth for Family and Life (YFL)  

Couple Coordinator: Aldrin and Monica Jumawan, 0415 970 327  


Kids for Family and Life (KFL)  

Couple Coordinator: Jeremy and Sofia Bompat, 0426 744 451