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The Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia
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The Billings Ovulation Method® teaches a couple to recognise the woman’s natural signs of fertility. By using this information, a couple can use the Billings Ovulation Method ® to become pregnant or avoid pregnancy and to safeguard reproductive health. It is applicable during all stages of reproductive life. Being natural, there are no side-effects. It is a healthy way for you to manage your fertility that puts YOU in control!  

By accessing one of our services an experienced accredited teacher will empower you to manage your fertility naturally. You will develop a relationship with your teacher and be able to contact her regularly for chart interpretation. Our Services include:  

Clinics – face to face clinical service throughout the Metropolitan area and the Southwest.  

Telephone Counselling – through our toll free 1800 335 860 number  

Fertility Pinpoint – our online charting resource allows you to chart your fertility with access to personal instruction with your teacher.  

Community Talks/ Health Professional Seminars – tailored to meet your needs.