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Dominican Laity - Our Lady of the Rosary Chapter - Doubleview

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40 Wilcock Ave, Balcatta WA 6021, Australia
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Unit 2
40 Wilcock Avenue, Balcatta WA 6021, Australia
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(08) 9344 3287
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- Established
Umbrella Organisation
We are the Lay branch of the Dominican Order
Organisation Details

The Order commenced in 1216, making us 800 years old next year.  

We come together monthly to study Christology and Dominican Spirituality.  

After a period of discernment and formation of study, a person may choose to make a Promise (firstly for one year) and after further study, commitment for life. There are also Lay Associates who do not make commitment; however, they are included in the Dominican Spirituality.  


We have always been supported by our Dominican fathers and sisters and come together as Dominican Family on occasions to celebrate the Feasts of St Catherine of Siena and St Dominic, our Patron Saints.  


Our study life is made up by what are called, the Four Pillars i.e. Prayer, Study, Contemplation and Community. We are encouraged to join in the Prayer of the Church and say Morning and Evening Prayer, and of course we are promoters of the Rosary.  


Every three years, a National Council is chosen at the Conference in either Sydney or Melbourne. From this National Council, the President or delegate represents us at the Asia/Pacific Regional Conference which is held also every three years, with a representative friar, nun, sister and Lay Dominican from each country in the Asia/Pacific where Dominicans are represented. We have over 100,000 Lay Dominicans in the Asia/Pacific Region. Conferences have been held in the Philippines, Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam.  


Recently, one of our members was elected to the International Council representing the Asia/Pacific Region. This meant an annual meeting with the Promoter General from Rome, together with a Lay Dominican representative from Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. This position is held for three years.