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Voice of the Voiceless Ministry of Saint John Paul II

- Address
Ommanney Street, Hamilton Hill WA 6163, Australia
- Mailing
Holy Cross Church
PO Box 169, Hamilton Hill WA 6163, Australia
- Phone
(08) 9296 7591
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- Established
Organisation Details

A Roman Catholic voluntary organisation that ministers to all people in need: adults, children, youths, the lonely, the aged, the sick and depressed, and the poor; which offers people, including its members, Spiritual Formation, through prayers, Eucharistic Adoration, healing Masses, faith sharing, retreats, pilgrimages, pastoral, projects and charitable activities. To continue the mission of St John Paul II by providing a network of social services and give witness to Christian beliefs and values under authority of the Catholic Church, it promotes a good life through personal reflection and spiritual growth. Strive to understand and relate to people's experiences showing respect and compassion at all times. Deliver hope and build confidence through a positive and caring approach. Support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through a holistic approach to healing. Encourage people to focus on their strength, talents and potential for social development and active participation in their community. 


Coordinator: Mr Frank Mallard