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Mandorla Art Prize 2010

Mandorla Art Prize 2010

Article and Photographs by Fr Robert Cross

Earlier this month, Archbishop Hickey was visited by Madeleine Clear and gifted him with the artwork she had entered in the Mandorla Art Prize for 2010.

Each year, the Mandorla Centre for Inner Peace, a group of committed Christians, asks artists to interpret a passage from the Bible through their artwork.

Madeleine’s artwork titled ‘And bandaged His wounds’ seeks to interpret the story of the Good Samaritan in relation to our everyday lives.

It depicts a pencil drawing of a bandaged wounded hand in the centre surrounded by a collage of newspaper clippings of stories and pictures telling stories of tragedies afflicting our society.

Each time we help in our own way to alleviate the suffering of people in society we are bandaging Christ's wounds.



Madeleine's Artwork, "And bandaged His wounds" Madeleine interpreting her work to Archbishop Hickey