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August 2014


  • Silver Jubilee of Notre Dame
    Silver Jubilee of Notre Dame
    28 Aug 2014

    As principal celebrant at the University of Notre Dame's Silver Jubilee Anniversary Mass, Archbishop Costelloe spoke in his homily of how we are each to rely on Jesus and it is to him we owe our praise and gratitude.

  • Diaconate of Marlon, Alexis and Noe
    Diaconate of Marlon, Alexis and Noe
    28 Aug 2014

    At a moving ceremony where three men were ordained to the Diaconate, Archbishop Costelloe shared how we are all called into the Church not just for our own sakes but for the sake of others, stating that the whole world is our neighbour.

  • Courageous victim achieves justice
    Courageous victim achieves justice
    22 Aug 2014

    Fr Glenn Humphreys, a member of the Vincentian Order who served as a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Perth during the 1980s, found guilty of four counts of unlawful and indecent assault dating back more than thirty years ago

  • Pray and fast for Iraq, says Archbishop
    Pray and fast for Iraq, says Archbishop
    14 Aug 2014

    Archbishop Costelloe is inviting “Catholics, fellow Christian brothers and sisters, and all those who believe in God” to pray to God “to bring about a satisfactory intervention” to the escalating crisis in Iraq.

  • Distaste for disabilities
    Distaste for disabilities
    11 Aug 2014

    Dr Joe Parkinson, bioethicist for the Archdiocese of Perth, reflects on the situation arising from the surrogacy agreement between an Australian couple and the Thai surrogate that has left a twin boy and girl separated from each other.

  • National Day of Mourning
    National Day of Mourning
    6 Aug 2014

    St Mary’s Cathedral, the mother church of Perth’s Catholic community, will tomorrow (Thursday 7 August) honour the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 during what Prime Minster Tony Abbott has recently declared as a National Day of Mourning.

  • We'll take families out of detention
    We'll take families out of detention
    4 Aug 2014

    Archbishop Costelloe has added his voice to those of other church leaders and leading non-government care organisations in Western Australia with the offer of support and housing in the community for families with infants being held in offshore detention.

  • Two new priests for Perth
    Two new priests for Perth
    3 Aug 2014

    The long-awaited ordinations to the priesthood of Christian Irdi and Mark Baumgarten took place with great celebration in St Mary's Cathedral. Archbishop Costelloe spoke of their lives being "very counter-cultural".

  • Cardinal Emeritus Edward Clancy R.I.P.
    Cardinal Emeritus Edward Clancy R.I.P.
    3 Aug 2014

    On the news of the death earlier today of His Eminence Cardinal Edward Clancy OAC, AM, Archbishop Costelloe made the following comment on behalf of the Archdiocese of Perth.