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Archbishop Costelloe Comments On Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI



It was with great surprise and sadness that I heard the news on Monday night that Pope Benedict XVI had decided to resign effective as of February 28th this year.

I want to assure our Catholic community that the Church is strong and will be guided by the Holy Spirit through the days and weeks ahead, just as she has been for the last two thousand years.

Pope Benedict has served the Church with extraordinary courage, fidelity and steadfastness in his time as Pope and indeed for the whole of his adult life. As he enters into this time of retirement I would ask all Catholics and all people of good will to pray for him. He has made an extremely difficult and courageous decision. He deserves our admiration, our gratitude and our support.

As the cardinals prepare to gather in Rome to elect a new Pope they will be accompanied by the prayers of all the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Perth and all who wish to see the Catholic Church flourish.

Catholics believe that the Church was founded by Christ and is guided by the Holy Spirit. We have full confidence that, beyond the politics and intrigue which will claim so much attention at this time, the grace of God will continue to be with the Church. We therefore await the election of a new Pope with hope and trust in God's unfailing goodness and mercy.

Most Rev Timothy Costelloe
Archbishop of Perth