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A living and powerful reminder of what it means to be disciples of Jesus


Archbishop Costelloe described the Blessed Mother as ‘a living and powerful reminder to us of what it really means to be disciples of Jesus.’ Photo: Jamie O’Brien.

By Josh Low

Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB has spoken about the role which the Virgin Mary plays at the heart of the Church and in our own personal journeys in life on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Archbishop Costelloe last month celebrated Mass with the Servite Sisters, whose devotion to the Blessed Mother involves a special reference to her sorrows.

The Mass was concelebrated by Riverton Parish Priest Fr Paul Manickathan SAC and fellow priests from across Perth and the Servite Order.

In his homily for the occasion, Archbishop described the Blessed Mother as ‘a living and powerful reminder to us of what it really means to be disciples of Jesus.’

“In the mysterious plan of God this woman has been drawn by the Lord into such an intimate relationship with her Son, Jesus, that his saving work cannot be separated from Mary's total gift of herself, in loving obedience, to God's plan,” he said.

“This gift, one of generosity, courage and faith, was expressed by Mary's ‘yes’ to the angel at the time of the Annunciation, was renewed throughout her life as every mention of her in the Gospels testify, was completed as she stood by her Son's cross as he gave his life for us and was confirmed and rewarded by God through the mystery of Mary's Assumption into the fullness of life in Heaven.”


Archbishop Costelloe celebrated Mass with members of the Servite Order, whose devotion to the Blessed Mother involve a special reference to her sorrows. Photo: Jamie O’Brien.

The Archbishop added that Mary and the beloved disciple at the foot of the cross therefore represent what the Church is called to be; a community of trusting faith and courageous discipleship.

“In giving Mary and the disciple to each other as He was dying, Jesus was both establishing his Church in them and indicating what the Church was meant to be,” he said.

“With his dying words Jesus established his Church as a community of faith and discipleship and gave to this Church; that is to us, his own mother to be our mother also.

“Just as Mary accompanied Jesus through his life, and to his death, and just as she joined the first community as they awaited the promised gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, so now, assumed into heaven through her union with her Son's resurrection and ascension, Mary accompanies and supports us with her presence, her prayers and her motherly concern for us in our own journey of faith,” the Archbishop concluded.

The Mass was followed by a special Indian luncheon with the parish community.