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Have courage to say yes to God and trust He will provide, says Bishop Sproxton



Bishop Sproxton is seen leading the celebrations for day of the unborn child Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral Church on 24 March. Photo: Ron Tan.

By Amanda Murthy

“Just as Mother Mary said yes to having Jesus and to her Faith, we too have to pray for courage and strength to say yes to God and trust that He will provide for our children’s future.”

These were the words of Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton who spoke to some 150 parishioners during his homily at a Mass to commemorate the Annunciation of the Lord and the Day of the Unborn Child at St Mary’s Cathedral on 24 March.

This annually celebrated Mass was organised by Pregnancy Assistance, a Perth-based independent Catholic organisation which provides support to women in need of care throughout their pregnancy.


During a Mass of the Unborn Child at St Mary’s Cathedral, Bishop Sproxton encouraged the congregation to put their trust in God, just as Mother Mary did. Photo: Ron Tan.

In his homily, Bishop Sproxton invited the congregation to imagine how Mary was feeling when she received the news that she was pregnant, relating some of the fears mothers today might have.

“Any expecting mother will have dreams for their child, often wondering what their child will grow up to be, and thinking of what they can do to equip their child with the right tools to be successful.

“In the same way, Mary was faced all these worries, but she had the strength to trust in God’s plan for her,” he said.   


Parishioners placing flowers in a basket at the altar in memory of all the young lives that were lost. The flowers were assembled and placed in front of a Mother Mary portrait. Photo: Ron Tan.

Bishop Sproxton invited the congregation to especially pray for parents who are faced with difficult options during their pregnancy.

“We pray for the precious lives that have been lost.

“We also ask God to guide expecting mothers to make the right decisions and give them the strength to say yes to God’s plan for them, trusting that He will be there every step of the way,” he added.

A tribute of the song Pie Jesu followed with a memorial procession of flowers by the congregation.

Multi-coloured flowers representing all the little lives lost were placed in front of a portrait of Mary at the altar.