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Collaborative Archdiocesan initiative promulgated, centred in prayer


Archbishop Costelloe at the launch of the new constitution for Parish Pastoral Councils on 31 July. Photo: Ron Tan.

By Matthew Lau

“The Good Shepherd walks with us and we together walk in his footsteps.”

The need for parishes and agencies to work together harmoniously was the focal message at the launch of the revised constitutions for Parish Pastoral Councils on 31 July.

More than 200 people representing 70 Archdiocese of Perth parishes embraced Archbishop Timothy Costelloe and Bishop Don Sproxton’s invitation to attend the launch at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Extensive resources will accompany the aforementioned constitution on a dedicated website for parish renewal, which will go live later this month.


Strengthening and Revitalising Parishes coordinator Father Nino Vinciguerra speaks at St Mary’s Cathedral on Tuesday 31 July. Photo: Ron Tan.

Father Nino Vinciguerra, coordinator for Strengthening and Revitalising Parishes, said there was a positive response from both clergy and laity to the presentation on the e-handbook.

“These documents are fundamentally inspired by the theology of communio, the central theology of Vatican II,” he added

The bishops spoke enthusiastically on the benefits the collaboration brings to the archdiocese, giving impetus to move from maintenance to mission-orientated parishes.


Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB with Auxiliary Bishop Donald Sproxton at St Mary’s Cathedral on Tuesday 31 July. Photo: Ron Tan.

At the heart of the Archdiocesan Plan, Archbishop Costelloe said, is our conviction that we –as a community of Christ’s disciples – are a people who seek to walk together in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd.

“I invite you all to turn your eyes to Christ, to fix your gaze firmly on Him, and to allow Him to be in reality what we so often proclaim Him to be in our liturgies,” Archbishop Costelloe articulated.

“The Way we are determined to follow, the Truth to which we are determined to be faithful, and the Life which we seek to live every day.”

Bishop Sproxton, Vicar for Adult Faith Formation and Parish Renewal, said the Archdiocese of Perth now has an innovative initiative for parish renewal that provides flexible direction.

“It is an initiative that works. We have two groups of parishes, one south of the river and one hub north, both for some time now have been seeing for themselves the benefits of collaboration,” Bishop Sproxton explained.


Vincent Haber, Acting Director of Catholic Youth Ministry, lights the candles. Photo: Ron Tan.

“Each parish is a legal entity. In Canon Law it is a juridical person, it has a certain independence. At the same time, however, it is it part of a diocese.”

He gave the analogy of each parish serving its purpose like a branch of “the one vine”, giving the reminder that Catholics are called to be helpful and supportive neighbours to each other.

“This new initiative takes seriously that in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd, we indeed do walk together as an Archdiocese. Parishes and agencies working together.”

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