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Watch and Pray: Emeritus Archbishop Hickey publishes new book to encourage prayer


Emeritus Archbishop Hickey has this month published a 54-page-book for those who struggle to pray and want to come closer to God and his Blessed Mother. Image: Feby Plando.

Emeritus Archbishop Barry Hickey has this month published a new 54-page-book of prayers and scriptural meditations to encourage Eucharistic Devotion.

The Emeritus Archbishop explained to The Record that he designed the book over some eight months, with the idea of providing assistance to those who are fortunate to be in a parish with, or have access to, Eucharistic adoration.

“It is also a book for personal prayer and a means to generate family prayer,” Emeritus Archbishop Hickey said.

“What better way to live life than to turn to the Word of God where we see what Christ did and hear him speak,” he said.

“He has much to say to us today, especially in these difficult times.”

Emeritus Archbishop Hickey added that unless we pray and join our life to God himself, whatever we do will not be very effective.

“It is for those who take their daily cares to bed and struggle to sleep,” Emeritus Archbishop Hickey said.


In speaking about his new book, Emeritus Archbishop Hickey encouraged Perth Catholics to pray the Psalms, which he explained forms part of the Jewish Prayer Book.

“They were generally sung. Over the centuries they expressed in poetic form the people’s experience of God.”

The book has also been given Nil Obstat from Archbishop Timothy Costelloe.

The cost of the book is $5. A special price has been developed for purchases of 10 or more.

For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, contact the Pastoral Centre on 08 9422 7900 or email