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PHOTO STORY: Faith in Padre Pio strengthens Balcatta Prayer group


Led by Rosa Vinciguerra, the prayer group has been together for some 30 years, each year celebrating within their parish, the Feast Day of Padre Pio with a Triduum and Procession. Photo: Olivia Bunter.

For some 30 years, the prayer group at Balcatta Parish St Lawrence Church has been an active force among the local community, gathering on the first Tuesday of every month to pray.

Caterina Macri, the 94-year-old founder and member of the parish’s Legion of Mary, began the group when she first learned of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina and his miracles.

Mrs Macri was so moved by Padre Pio, that she was inspired to form a group within her community to pray for the sick and people in need.

Former Balcatta Parish Priest Father Giuliano Messina assisted Mrs Macri with the decision and registration of the group some 30 years ago.

The prayer group is the first Prayer Partner of the Parish Renewal Implementation Group (PRIG).

Every month, they receive a specific prayer request from PRIG and this intention is included in their prayer meeting.

In 2004, the prayer group raised money to buy a statue of Padre Pio from Italy with the help of Rosa Vinciguerra, who later become the leader of the prayer group after Caterina passed the position down to her.

On the third Sunday of November, the group has a special celebration and procession with the statue of St Padre Pio.