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Give that Spirit to encourage the people: Bishop Sproxton says to new Cottesloe Mosman Park PP


New Cottesloe Mosman Park Parish Priest Fr Marcello Parra signs the documentation during his Mass of installation on Sunday 13 October. Photo: Supplied.

By Jamie O’Brien

Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton has last weekend installed Fr Marcelo Parra as the new Parish Priest of Cottesloe.

More than 500 people packed Our Lady Star of the Sea Church for the occasion, including Assistant Parish Priest Fr Rodrigo Da Costa Ponte, Fr Vincent Glynn, Fr John Hogan and Fr Liam Ryan as concelebrants.


Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton has last weekend installed Fr Marcelo Parra as the new Parish Priest of Cottesloe Mosman Park. Photo: Supplied.

In his homily for the Mass, Bishop Sproxton noted that the work of a leader in the community can sometimes be very challenging in today’s society.

“And in the case of those who exercise leadership within the Church, we have seen the need to draw on the spirit that has been given to us, and have courage,” Bishop Sproxton exclaimed.

“To be able to give that Spirit to encourage the people.

“What Fr Marcelo would be doing is giving that encouragement for us to continue living in our faith and asking the question to the Spirit, where are we being led today?

“What is it asking of us today? What would it want us to achieve today that you give us?” Bishop Don said.


Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton welcomes Fr Marcelo Parra as the new Parish Priest of Cottesloe Mosman Park. Photo: Supplied.

Bishop Sproxton also spoke about the readings of the Mass, explaining that the second reading spoke about very precious issue for anyone in leadership of the Church and the responsibility they have to maintain their faith personally.

“Belief in that faith personally, while showing others the role of faith in their life; how to contemplate how their faith, how to reflect on it, how to use it.

“I think that’s the most important gift Fr Marcello or any Parish Priest can being to the community. Drawing on their own experience along the way, and in their work in the Church,” he said.

“Helping people have that faith in Christ.”

Speaking to The Record, Fr Marcelo said he is looking forward to bringing the good news of the Gospel to the lives of the people.

“So many people today are broken and there is an urgent need for them to understand and have an experience and meeting with Christ,” Fr Marcelo said.

“I have already seen that Cottesloe-Mosman Park Parish is a vibrant community. I pray that Christ works in me to strengthen the people with faith,” he said.
Fr Marcelo, who hails for Chile, was trained at Redemptoris Mater Seminary and has previously been stationed at Ellenbrook Parish as Assistant Parish Priest, as well as at St Mary’s Cathedral Broome and Balgo Parish, Broome.


Seminarian Yerar Castano, Midland Assistant Parish Priest Rev Fr Liam Ryan, Cottesloe Mosman Parish Assistant Priest Rev Fr Rodrigo da Costa Ponte, Perth Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton, Cottesloe Mosman Park Parish Priest Fr Marcelo Parra, Altar Boy Matthias, Seminarian Yeison Munoz, Fr Vincent Glynn, Fr John Hogan, Acolyte Adrian and seminarian Daniel Kwaudi. Photo: Supplied.

As part of the celebration, Parish Council members were also commissioned by Bishop Sproxton.

Speaking about the Gospel, Bishop Sproxton explained that their main focus should be on Jesus Christ.

“Focus on the person, know the person and ask the question from the Lord: What do you want from us? Where do you want to go? How are you willing to help us?”

“Recognise that only in Jesus we would find that strength. Believe in that faith and do the work of faith.”

Former Parish Priest Fr James D’Souza, has taken up a missionary role in South Africa.