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COVID-19: Mass For You At Home the solution to COVID-19 limitations

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With numbers in Churches restricted to 150 people at a time, Mass For You At Home airs weekly on Network 10 across Australia and is also available online via 10 Play and the Mass For You At Home website.

Mass For You At Home is a ministry of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, in partnership with the Diocese of Wollongong.

The ministry last year celebrated 50 years on free-to-air television and is highly valued by people who are unable to attend Mass for a range of reasons, including infirmity, illness, isolation or imprisonment, and those without access to the internet.

Vicar for Effective Communication, the Very Rev Fr Peter Whitely VG emphasised that it is important during this time of increasing numbers of COVID-19 in the Perth and Peel region that Perth Catholics know they can feel safe and supported.


Fr Christopher del Rosario is one of the Mass celebrants on Mass For You at Home. Photos: Diocese of Wollongong.

“For many years now, Mass For You At Home has been a source of comfort and strength for people who – for a range of reasons – haven’t been able to attend Mass in person,” Fr Peter Whitely explained.

“The situation here in the Perth and Peel region caused by COVID-19 highlights the importance for our Church to be responsive to the needs of its people.

“The Archdiocese of Perth wholeheartedly supports the work that Mass For You At Home does in the faith life of all Perth Catholics,” he said.

Speaking on the 50th anniversary in 2021, Wollongong Bishop Brian Mascord said the Church has long understood the importance of media and communication in reaching the Catholic faithful and members of the wider community.


Fr Leo Duck is one of the Mass celebrants on Mass For You at Home. Photos: Diocese of Wollongong.

Mass For You At Home is a shining example of how we have been able to do that for 50 years, a trusted collaboration with Network Ten,” he said.

Bishop Mascord acknowledged the work of the hundreds of priests and lay people who have contributed to the ministry’s history by celebrating Mass, reading Scripture, singing and producing the Masses.

“Having observed our production team working on Mass for You at Home for the past few months, it has demonstrated what must have gone into this task over the decades,” Bishop Mascord said.

“I thank and honour those – past and present – who have allowed this ministry to flourish, and I also thank those who are now providing financial support to see the legacy continue.”

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Fr Mark De Battista elevates the Body of Christ during Mass for you at Home. Photos: Diocese of Wollongong